For the last three years we’ve been part of something great. Super spectacular. And just down right awesome. This year we are incredibly excited and honoured to be a part of it again. It’s the Thirst Relief Auction.

Every year Thirst Relief International hosts a mentor auction. Their vision is simple : to save lives and change the world. A big vision, yes. But simple and do-able. They are an organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness to overcome death and disease resulting from the consumption of contaminated water. They provide safe, clean drinking water to those in need.

Once a year they ask a group of photographers from around the world to donate a mentor session for their auction. You can bid on any of the photographers to win a one-on-one mentor session with them, as well as some other amazing items (thanks to our super awesome sponsors!) The entire proceeds from the auction are donated directly to Thirst Relief International. It’s a win-win situation. You get to participate in a mentor session with the photographer of your choice. You get to take home some awesome products/information/swag. You get to help make the world a better place. Win-win.

So enough of my rambling…what are the details? Today, January 31st, 2013 at 11:00pm EST the auction will be live. If you want bid on our mentor session (or any of the amazing photographers donating one) you’ll be able to do that tonight until the auction closes on February 3rd, 2013 at 11:00 pm EST. THE AUCTION IS NOW LIVE HERE.

May be used as a wedding mentor session or used as a seat in our Winter 2014 Boudoir Workshop. And it’s all about you. It’s about your hopes and dreams. Your game plan and how you want to get there. We can talk about anything. Whether it’s pricing, posing or sales – it’s all fair game.

We also want our mentor session to be about taking your business to a new and exciting level. Whether you’re fresh out of the gate or have been slowly building your business over the last few years. Our session is available in Ontario at our studio or Skype, but we really hope you’ll come to the studio instead so it can be in person.  We promise a fun day of learning and good food. And in addition to helping out the world, you’ll also receive these awesome items :

* Full day mentor session with Ewan and Brianna Phelan OR Boudoir Workshop Seat ($1200.00 value)

* Lifetime membership (perpetual license) to Redcart online proofing/e-commerce system ($999.00 value)

* A ProPhoto4 Customizable Blog ($199.00 value)

* A $300 gift certificate towards any product with Vision Art Albums ($300.00 value)

* Lunch on us!

We use all of the companies listed above and LOVE them. We are beyond thankful for these amazing sponsors and the items they have graciously donated. And the TOP BIDDERS for the entire auction can win awesome prizes like a Kelly Moore bag, A Think Tank camera bag, Into the Dark Room and prizes from ShowIt and BlogStomp *check out the Thirst Relief Auction website for details on these extra prizes and details*.

So please come join the online auction tonight at 11pm until February 3rd at 11pm.  And feel free to spread the word because saving the world is a pretty awesome thing :)

- Brianna and Ewan

Fine print : if the winner of our auction is already booked for a mentor session/boudoir workshop, no monies will be refunded but they are entitled to a 2nd mentor session/workshop and all other applicable prizes.