Our cats have a way of knowing when a can is being opened. Even if they are on the opposite side of the house. On a different floor. Or sound asleep. They turn into crazy fiends when they hear it. Bounding into the room. Salivating. Shaking in anticipation. Begging and pleading with their eyes for the food packed safely inside. It’s like kitty crack.

Now I don’t get excited about cans opening quite like the cats do. But there is another sound I can pick out all the way across the house. In a crowded room. Or in the middle of a busy public place. The sound of a Tic Tac box. The unmistakable shake of them jingling around the container. The flip of the lid as it’s being opened for the first time. The little chattering noise they make rattling around someone’s teeth. My hound dog senses kick in when I know there is a pack nearby. Which is always. Since I’m kind of addicted.

Very recently my favourite purse broke. And while I know I have a problem with my love of Tic Tacs, it wasn’t until I cleaned out my broken purse until I realized just how bad the problem might be. Is. Definitely is. Crap. I won’t even admit how short of a time frame I ate all of these in.

So I think it might be time to research if there is a breath mint helpline. Sort of like gamblers anonymous or those quit smoking support groups. Because apparently I am worse than our cats with a can of cat food. I have a problem.

Hello my name is Brianna and I am addicted to Tic Tacs.

- Brianna (photo by Ewan)

May 6, 2013 - 1:27 pm

Cara - Maybe there is a ten step program for recovery from Tic Tacs?! ;P

May 6, 2013 - 1:00 pm

heather m. - Mmmm now I want a TicTac!

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