It’s time for some ch-ch-ch-changes! It’s a new year and we’re very excited to announce some new things around here at Last Forty Percent….

1. Ewan and I have a new website! And our blog has a new look.

2. Yaira now has her own website and her blog has been updated too.

3. Our boudoir company recently got a brand new website and a blog face lift.

We wanted to separate everything to make it easier to navigate. We have so many posts we are waiting to share (so many) and the main blog was getting a bit crowded. So now we will be posting our work only our blog. Yaira’s work will only be posted on her blog. And our boudoir sessions will only be posted on our boudoir blog. All neat and tidy!

Have you liked us on facebook yet? All updates will be posted there and we’d love for you to come join us! Please also bookmark the pages so you can stay up to date with everything happening here at LFP.

Come check out the new looks and thank you SO much for stopping by!

- Brianna and Ewan

To visit Brianna and Ewan’s website : click here.  And the blog : click here.

To visit our boudoir website : click here. And the blog : click here.

To visit our associate photographer, Yaira’s, website : click here. And blog : click here.