Because I knew when I saw you, that I wanted to know everything about you. Then I learned what I wanted, but had to stick around. Who knew what beautiful words would come from those lips. What interesting things you would say. Maybe there was something I missed, something I needed to know, something that would make me fall in love with you all over again. I wanted to know everything about you and I got my wish.

Hair and Makeup by Makeup by Brittany




Falling for you happened quickly. It was like being caught outside in a heavy rainstorm without an umbrella. Each drop of water slamming into me. Soaking me to the core. Washing over me, just like the love I felt for you. I wasn’t looking for a relationship. Neither were you. But we couldn’t have escaped the rain even if we wanted to. We were caught in it together. Consumed by it.

At barely 21 and 22 we got married. We didn’t care what anyone thought (we learned years later that what they actually thought was that you had knocked me up). We didn’t care that we didn’t have a penny to our name. Or that not all of our friends and family approved. We just knew that we were madly in love. And that no matter what life threw at us, we were going to take on the world together.

And that’s exactly what we did. We have gone through everything together. We have grown up together. And we’ve discovered who we are together. Life has thrown us hurdle after hurdle. People around us make jokes about how much crap has happened over the years (seriously, it’s almost like a Hollywood movie gone wrong). But Ewan, you know I wouldn’t change a single thing about any of it. The good. The bad. The uncertain. Because we have always taken it on together. Hand in hand. With an umbrella or without. It’s always been you and me against the world. Because we both know that you’re never supposed to look back or stop, you’re supposed to keep going. Our entire love story has been perfectly imperfect.

When I say that you are my favourite, I mean it. My favourite smile to see. My favourite laugh to hear. Hand to hold. Voice to hear. My favourite little nook to curl into at the end of a long day. My favourite person in the entire world. I hate that sometimes you can’t see how amazing you are. How handsome, funny, sexy, intelligent and incredibly wonderful you are. How magical you are. But you are all of these and a million more. You are magic to me.

I love you more than I can put into words. But I hope these letters scattered across the page give you even just a tiny glimpse of the boundless, limitless, gigantic love I have for you. I love you all the way beyond our galaxy and back. To places unknown. To worlds yet undiscovered. I will stand beside you through everything life throws at us. And love you until I take my last breath, old and grey and wrinkled beyond being cute anymore. You are my best friend and my reason for everything. I wish you nothing but love on your birthday, now and until we’re 90 and 92.

I love you. Forever. xo

- Brianna (photo by Aron Goss)