It will be a trip I never forget.

Just last week I found myself three plane rides later standing on ground as far north as I think I will ever be. A different world from the one I know. And was it ever beautiful. One night. After none of us had had any sleep, we packed ourselves into Kate and Carsten’s car and drove out of Yellowknife until we couldn’t see the glow of the city anymore. Nothing was really happening. A few wisps in the sky. They looked more like clouds than anything. And then it happened. The colours came dancing and melting through the sky. Like a water colour painting that is still wet. Wonder is the best word that I can use to describe it. Almost as if the Universe was opening up in front of us. It made the cold and the lack of sleep disappear. We snapped a few photos and then just watched. Yelling at each other to “look over there!” as a new blast of colour and light fell through the sky. It’s a night I’ll never forget.

-Ewan (photo by me)


She was just over a year old when the seizures started. At 18 months a big one resulted in a frantic phone call to 911. An ambulance ride to the hospital. And months of tests. An MRI. Neurologists. And lots and lots of research. Our sweet Sarah Elizabeth was diagnosed with epilepsy. I remember holding it together in the doctor’s office. The car. And while putting the girls to bed. And then I cried in Ewan’s arms. The weight on our shoulders felt so heavy.

We spent many more months asking lots of questions. We worried about if she could ever drive. Take a bath alone. Climb a big hill without worry of her having a seizure and falling down it. Playing on equipment without someone right there.  When school started we had to fill out extra release forms. Have doctors sign paper after paper. And the first days we sent her I waited anxiously by the phone just in case anything happened while she was away from us. It was overwhelming.

We’ve come a long way since those days. The seizures are less often. We have more answers and knowledge of the condition. And the school is so fantastic at being accommodating and understanding. We are so thankful to the Epilepsy support services in London. And always mark Purple Day for epilepsy awareness. Our girls are wearing purple dresses to school today and helped out with an epilepsy raffle at their school. Sarah Elizabeth is quick to tell others about her condition and enjoys seeing the doctors and nurses. So, today on Purple Day, just a little personal post about awareness of a cause near and dear to our hearts. And if you have a purple shirt, hat, scarf or tie – throw it on today to help show support!

- Brianna





Sometimes it’s the little things that are the most enjoyable. The seemingly normal. The every day type things. The small moments that we share together. And make us smile.

For Michella and Costin these simple pleasures are things they look forward to every day. Testing their gastronomical limits for gelato intake. Secretly recording each other being silly. Diving head first into the newest health craze. Spending hours wandering around Whole Foods. Eating Mexican food. Traveling. Salsa dancing (or at least trying to). Sitting in a cafe. Talking about nothing. Sitting on the couch watching movies. Or binge watching entire seasons of tv shows. It doesn’t have to be big. Or opulent. Or fancy. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Or require going far. These simple moments are their favourites in life. Because they’re together. And that is waht matters most to them. As long as they’re together, they’re happy.

- Brianna (photos by Ewan)torontoweddingphotographers+001Atorontoweddingphotographers+002torontoweddingphotographers+003Atorontoweddingphotographers+004torontoweddingphotographers+005Atorontoweddingphotographers+006Atorontoweddingphotographers+007Atorontoweddingphotographers+008Atorontoweddingphotographers+009Atorontoweddingphotographers+010torontoweddingphotographers+011torontoweddingphotographers+012torontoweddingphotographers+013torontoweddingphotographers+014torontoweddingphotographers+015torontoweddingphotographers+016torontoweddingphotographers+017torontoweddingphotographers+018torontoweddingphotographers+019torontoweddingphotographers+020torontoweddingphotographers+021torontoweddingphotographers+022torontoweddingphotographers+023torontoweddingphotographers+024torontoweddingphotographers+025torontoweddingphotographers+026torontoweddingphotographers+027torontoweddingphotographers+028torontoweddingphotographers+029torontoweddingphotographers+030torontoweddingphotographers+032torontoweddingphotographers+033torontoweddingphotographers+034torontoweddingphotographers+035torontoweddingphotographers+036torontoweddingphotographers+037torontoweddingphotographers+038torontoweddingphotographers+039torontoweddingphotographers+041torontoweddingphotographers+042torontoweddingphotographers+043torontoweddingphotographers+044torontoweddingphotographers+045torontoweddingphotographers+046torontoweddingphotographers+047torontoweddingphotographers+048torontoweddingphotographers+049torontoweddingphotographers+051torontoweddingphotographers+052torontoweddingphotographers+053torontoweddingphotographers+054torontoweddingphotographers+055torontoweddingphotographers+056torontoweddingphotographers+057torontoweddingphotographers+058torontoweddingphotographers+059torontoweddingphotographers+060torontoweddingphotographers+061torontoweddingphotographers+064torontoweddingphotographers+062torontoweddingphotographers+063torontoweddingphotographers+065torontoweddingphotographers+066torontoweddingphotographers+067torontoweddingphotographers+068torontoweddingphotographers+069torontoweddingphotographers+070torontoweddingphotographers+071torontoweddingphotographers+072