I saw you across the room. My eyes drawn to you. I wanted to know who you were. I needed to know. That’s when I knew I loved you. In a sweet and innocent way. The way I only could in my youth. And now, I love you in only the way that lovers can. In real ways. In the dark and the light. In the places where love seems impossible to exist. I love you through the hurricane of life. Always, my eyes drawn to you.

More of Crystal and Jon’s engagement session coming soon…

-Brianna (photo by Ewan)



We watch tv in the background while we work. I guess the better way to describe it is that we listen to tv in the background while we work. After ten years of sitting in the same office, listening to music non-stop, we like to switch things up. Because sometimes I just can’t listen to Ewan’s mix for the hundredth time this month. And he can’t listen to my chick-mix any longer. The other day we were listening to Orange is the New Black. And I know everyone and their mother knows about this show. But if you don’t, we highly recommend it. And during one episode, they were asked what does love feel like. And it made me think.

What does love feel like?

And to me, it feels like your favourite song. It moves through you. Becomes a part of you. You hold it dear and no one else can speak a bad word about it. It’s yours. It transports you to another place; another time; another moment. While brightening the world around you. When that song comes on, colours seem brighter. Everything seems clearer. And you never want that feeling to stop. My love is my favourite song.

What does love feel like to you?

And because it is finally starting to get very hot out there. And I know we will all start complaining about the heat. We thought we would share some photos from a time when we were all cursing the cold and just wanted this time of year to get here. The beautiful Lindsey and Dan!

-Brianna (photos by Ewan)

Hair and Makeup by Makeup By Brittany